Sunday, October 8, 2017

Horror Hunk: Joe Dallesandro

Flesh For Frankenstein
Joe Dallesandro & Monique Van Vooren 
Normally I moniker this day "Sunday Schwing" but it being the Halloween season and all, for the rest of the month it now scares the byline "Horror Hunk" as I am only giving consideration to those men who have flaunted their flesh in, what else? Horror Movies!!! 

Well I've got Joe Dallesandro to kick the season of the witch off! The man is a Warhol (as in Andy) Factory legend. He has gone full monty on film and photos so many times and talk about a tomb with a view! 

Joe is a manly man. With testosterone for days and then some. Today's view of Joe is brought to you by Andy Warhol's Flesh For Frankenstein Directed by Paul Morrissey.

Now as you know you can only see the tease beast image I have posted above on Entertain Me, but never fear I got a NSFW link of balls out images and astute coverage via Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

So knock your horror crazed ass out and see what Little Joe, as was his nickname in the day, is packing. Trust me, it taint small and it will make you want to Schwing

Get your Joe nuts & bits, here...

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