Monday, October 30, 2017

She's Baaaack...Adele!

I'm Not The Pumpkin King!
After our Lady of Adele cut her tour short due to vocal chord damage she hid from the mighty spotlight for a spell. 

Well Adele fans rejoice! Our lady has resurfaced this past Saturday with her first post on Instagram in, well, months just in time for Halloween, naturally.

Posting a who knows WTF she is going for costume with the captions "Happy Early Halloween & Happy Birthday Gorgeous" and "Also I can't with this hair and make-up." Alright then. 

Of course Adele's fans are going wild, that's correct, fans gone wild! Speculating what this all means and the significance of the costume she is wearing.

Whatever, all I care about is that she is back in the saddle and feeling her bad self again. 

One more day until Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Adele on Instagram: 

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