Saturday, October 7, 2017

Time For Some "Witchcraft"

She'll Put A Spell On You
Sandy Zacky
So I got off to a little bit of a slow burn on my favorite time of the year, Halloween. Yeah. a post about an erotic ghost movie starring Bo Derek & Anthony Quinn does not quite cut it.

Well here we go! It's official kick off time for the big "H" with Sandy with a "Y" Not "E" Zacky and her rendition of "Witchcraft."

Sandy weaves a magical spell that is second to none. She will tangle you in her web and make you submit to her witchy ways.

There are fifty ways to leave your lover. There are more than one hundred to engage with Sandy and the delightful trance she will put you in!

Go to the head of the line, witches! 

It's magic with Sandy at:  

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