Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Coupling: Jonathan Bennett & Jaymes Vaughan

Goose & Maverick
Jaymes Vaughan & Jonathan Bennett 

Aaron Samuels was "So Fetch" in Mean Girls who didn't have a crush on him?! I know I did, and "yes" Gretchen Weiners I am still trying to make "Fetch" happen for you.

Too bad Cady Heron you didn't land him, and neither did I, boo F#cking Hoo! That honor goes to Amazing Race contestant and TV host Jaymes Vaughan.

Yep, Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron "Fetch" Samuels and his guy Jaymes went as Goose & Maverick from Top Gun for Halloween. It got posted on Bennett's Instagram, naturally. 

Only one last question does Aaron like to be Top Gun, or perhaps...yeah, moving on from my bad self. 

Wishing you guys the best!

Jonathan Bennett on Instagram:

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