Saturday, November 25, 2017

Everything's Coming Up Pink Roses

When In Doubt, Choose Pink
Pamela Anderson
Just Because I need a little pep in my step and some motivation this AM to get my booty to spin class since I slept deep and hard. Here is one Ms. Pamela Anderson arriving in Poland greeted by a bouquet of pink rosesWhat's that you wonder? What is she doing in Poland and who gave her the pink roses and why?

None of this top secret information was given. I say our intrepid Pam is on a mission to promote world peace and harmony. Tis the season after all. Hey, who better to do it than Pam? Really I meant it.

Being as that I know her let me tell you why she is perfect for this mission. She is funny, sweet, down to earth and cares about the world around her.

Thus I am kicking off my Saturday morning with a strawberry smoothie and a spoonful of Pam.


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