Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Just Because...Milo Ventimiglia

Bad Ass!
Milo Ventimiglia
Just Because it's November 1st. Just Because I feel pretty and Just Because beauty is where you find it. I gift you with an image of Milo Ventimiglia leaving a gym in West Hollywood, CA

Actually I was in WeHo as we locals affectionately(?) call it last night for the annual Halloween Carnival that happens there. Wonder what gym it was that Milo, The Stud was exiting, hmmmmmm...???

While I am so not a fan of This Is Us, yeah, I know. I did try to stomach, I mean watch it, once and turned it off about a quarter of the way through. I am always a fan of man candy

Busted! Today that what I am all about is the shallow end of the gene pool. 

What can I say, sometimes you feel like a slut, sometimes you don't.

Happy November 1st minions!

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