Monday, November 13, 2017

Ph-Ph-Ph Photobomb!

Dropping Bombs
Emma Stone & Jennifer Lawrence
Being it's Monday and all let's start the week off with something that will hopefully set the tone for the rest of it - levity in the form of a celebrity photobomb!

Whose bombing who? Well it's none other than Jennifer Lawrence dropping the bomb on her friend Emma Stone at the Governor's Awards in Los Angeles

Hello? What's that you say? Who, what, why are the Governor's Awards? Honestly I don't know. I suppose I could Google it and find out, but nah, it really doesn't matter to me. If it does to you feel free to let your fingers do the walking.

Frankly all I care about is this fun image of two friends and the only kind of bomb one should drop.

Got it? Smile it's Monday minions! 

Emma on IMDB:

Jennifer on IMDB:

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