Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bite Me!

Team Gingerbread Man
Gigi Hadid
While I am not sure there is really any other meaning to this photo than model Gigi Hadid chomping down for a nibble on a gingerbread man. In my mind this photo is sending a strong message to the FCC: Bite Me! 

Yeah, I have an active imagination that that the elephant my house has been acknowledged I have a hunch Ms. Hadid would have no qualms about the use of her image to deliver this particular message.

I bet at first glance you thought "Oh boy here we go, another innocuous Super Model posting."

So keep those visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads minions, but also be mindful that those visions could easily be restricted internet access wise very soon. 

From Myself, Gigi and the Gingerbread Man - Dear FCC, all we want for Christmas is for you to bite me motherf#ckers!

Mic Drop!

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