Thursday, December 28, 2017

Michael's Musings

It's All Fun & Games Until...
Michael Shinafelt
Christmas has come and gone and now we are moving on up to 2018, ponder that. Thus this weeks column may be a tad repetitive, considering all the things that have led up to it.

Or perhaps it won't. Whatever, I'm rebel just for kicks now, might've had your fill, but I feel it still...

Wanna be on my level today? Climb!

Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? Asking for a friend.

Current Mood? Fuschia 

My Mom visited moi for Christmas, best present ever!

Oh, we went and saw I, Tonya - loved it! Yes, that's a recommendation.

I gained a mere 3 lbs over Christmas, child's play, off in no time

Yoga put a ring on it yesterday 

Sex Cells
Me & Traci Lords
In case you didn't know I went to Sex Cells this past Friday to hang with the awesome Traci Lords

Where in the world is...(you know someone whose name should be here) 

Shout Out to my buddy Tom Connan who has a brilliant new single out Charlie - listen to it here:

Speaking of Charlie's isn't A Charlie Brown Christmas one of the best Holiday specials ever?

Who the F#ck is styling Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne during their confessionals this season on RHOBH? Ladies, just say "No"

Speaking of "No" that is what I say every year when my Dr. tries to convince me to get a flu shot. Guess what? I never get the flu and people I know who receive the shot get sick, Hmmmmmmm...

On that note, follow me and party like it will be 2018 the next time we connect. Why? Because it will be! 

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