Sunday, December 24, 2017

Nothing Says Christmas Eve Like...Katherine Heigl

Happy 10th Anniversary!
Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley
It's Christmas Eve and what else did you expect here at Entertain Me other than to be thrown a curve ball? 

A lot of you are most likely reading today's byline and are puzzled, annoyed or perhaps thinking WTF?! There are of course some of you not engaging in a volatile reaction regarding the divisive Ms. Heigl. Whatever your feelings are, that was the point of today's post, to mix them up this Holiday

Thus I bring you the image of Katherine and her husband of ten years singer Josh Kelley recreating one of their nude photos from days of yore. Ten years after all is a lifetime in Hollywood.

Katherine has sort of been on my mine of late as I stumbled across Unforgettable, a Fatal Attraction type movie she did with Rosario Dawson on an HBO free view that was given to me for whatever the F#ck reason. The movie was pretty forgettable, however I did think Heigl (and Dawson) were good.

Mic Drop! Have a great Christmas Eve!

PS Katherine, it looks like you have quit smoking, congrats! 

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