Friday, December 29, 2017

T.G.I.F! Juggling Life

He's Got Balls
Hugh Jackman
This image of Hugh Jackman demonstrating his juggling skills on The Graham Norton Show perfectly sums up my life at present. The Greatest Showman star is telling me life, mine in partik is like a circus. Hey that's what it meant to me when I saw it, feel free to assign your own meaning, please.

You may be thinking WTF?! Christmas is over. Yes, but my life is firing on all cylinders people, things I laid the ground work for this past year are coming to fruition, in every part of my Big Top extravaganza. 

So today December 29 the last Friday of 2017 I leave you with the amazing Mr. Jackman and his balls to contemplate.

Mic Drop. That's all folks.

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