Saturday, December 30, 2017

Who's That Girl?

If I Was You, I'd Want To Be Me Too
Sharon Stone
Who's that hiding behind those sunglasses rocking an animal print bikini? It's Sharon Stone, bitch, and guess what? She's 59 years young!

It seems Ms. Stone has found the fountain of youth or perhaps has a portrait in the attic as she puts most women half her age to shame.

Sharon looks terrific dressed down or up. In fact while choosing an image for today's post I debated whether to feature her looking stunning in a glamorous gown or posting her in this bikini. Ultimately the two piece won. My reasoning was this, if you are going to show how great 59 looks make sure it's all out there to view. It's very inspiring!

As I sit drinking my smoothie before spin class it also drives home that I have lost 24 lbs and am 52. "Yes" 50 is indeed looking like the new 30 more and more peeps. 

Get inspired to be your personal best in 2018, the effect it will have on your life is amazing! 

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