Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Yanomamos Comes Alive!!!

They're Aliiiiiiiiive!!!

Husker Du's Grant Hart returns to drums with the reunion of Yanomamos
"Comes Alive!" hits record stores 29 years after their first release, 
"Quizas" (pronounced, Kiss-Ass) in 1988 on New Alliance record

Yanomamos is performance artist Miss Jane Mansfield on bass, Timothy G. Piotrowski on guitar and vocals, with Grant Hart on drums. The three became a tribe adopting their name from the indigenous people of the tropical rain forest in Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil that were known to be wild, untameable and a force to be reckoned with. 

Grant shared a quality with Marcel Duchamp of pursuing an endless quest in pushing the boundaries of creativity. The jammed out psychedelic improvisations of Yanomamos rhythms, riff damage, peaks and valleys galore lace perfectly together with his innovative and masterfully delivered drum tracks. 

Tim and Jane's early 80's band Duck Kicking Vulture caught the attention of Grant. In 1987 he offered the band 12 hours of recording time and 12 hours to mix. The deal was made just before Husker Du's break up, then everything fell apart.

Yanomamos came together spontaneously in the summer of 1988 when Grant invited them to Creation studio where he was working on Intolerance. The session was recorded on a boom box and released as Quizas. This was the first post-Husker Du project to hit vinyl from any of its members. At that time the band played a handful of shows, including their infamous "Fire Show" in First Avenue's main room. You can watch a promo clip from the show at

The groups second "Fire Show", also in the main room was a 2011 benefit for Hart after a fire destroyed his South Saint Paul family home. Yanomamos returned to the studio in 2015 recording side one of Comes Alive! as an EP that was never released. In 2017 after Hart's diagnosis with cancer, Yanomamos returned to the studio to turn the EP into an LP. It was one of his favorites projects. The test pressings arrived on the night of his passing. 

Order the album  HERE.  

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