Monday, December 4, 2017

Zac Attack!

Packing Large
Zac Efron
Having been sick this past week and finally seeing the end of it draw nigh this past Friday, I haven't really been shall we say, randy, of late. Well this morning upon waking I had a Zac Attack! "Yes" that is correct, I realized that it has been a spell since I had posted a pic my Boy Zac Efron!

Look it's Boy Zac packing large (I would expect nothing less from my one of my boys) at Heathrow Airport in London. Pack, Zac, Pack!

As many of are aware by now Zac is starring in the musical base on the life of PT Barnum called The Greatest Showman alongside Daddy Hugh Jackman. It is set to drop on December 20th

Well, even though I am not a huge musical fan, Zac will most likely coax my booty into a movie theater seat with this one. Hey the Boy magic worked and got me to a theater, oh alright is was a free screening on the Sony lot, of Baywatch, Yeah, yeah, yeah I know...Hey, it was mindless and fun and, ooooops, sorry I had a shirtless Boy Zac moment.

It's Monday, and aren't you happy?!

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