Saturday, January 27, 2018

Literacy, It's A Thing

Funny Bunny
James Corden
With Peter Rabbit opening February 9th the voice of the famed hare, James Corden took to the bunny trail to read the book the movie is based on to a group of school children.

He also announced Blue Jacket Day which drops on February the 3rd. The directive of the day is to promote literacy amongst kids. You read correct, on that day parents are to take their children to the, "gasp" library!

I remember in days of yore I went to the library quite frequently as a child. I actually won a library summer reading competition believe it or not. "Yes" I was the kid who read the most books that summer out of all the other ones participating. I don't recall how many that was, but I kicked some bookworm ass! 

Moving on...literacy it's a thing, mic drop!

For more info on reading and literacy hit up Reading Is Fundamental at:  

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