Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"Smiles Everyone, Smiles..."

You Get A Star!
Mickey Mouse, Katy Perry & Minnie Mouse
Do you know where the quote in my byline comes from today? If you do, then you are old. It comes from the TV show Fantasy Island which premiered January 14, 1977. The line was uttered every week by the character Mr. Roarke played by the late Ricardo Montalban

This quote popped into my head (yes, I am old(er) not old) when I spotted this photo of Katy Perry attending Minnie Mouse's star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mickey Mouse was there too, naturally.

Minnie has been playing the Hollywood game for 90 years it's about time this ageless beauty got honored, she's more than earned it!

Honestly I have no other reason for posting this today than whimsy and smiles.

So there!

As Mr. Roarke would say "Smiles Everyone, Smiles..." may you have an enchanting day!

Minnie on Wikipedia:

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