Saturday, February 10, 2018

Crimes of Fashion

Kirstin Maldonado & Mitch Grassi
OK, as you all know I like the acapella group super group Pentatonix. Also some of you may know I was there from the start before they became worldwide superstars. "Yes" I covered them and know them and have the photos on this blog to prove it.

I will be the first to admit that even though their casual sense of style needed a little oomph in the beginning it was who they were and quite charming. Well that all changed after they signed with RCA a stylist stepped in and has been doing them no favors ever since.

Bear witness to the featured pic. Who in the F#ck told Mitch to sport the look of a 70's porn star, complete with a porn stache accessory?

Oh Kirstie, while I know you have eclectic fashion taste Morticia Addams called and she wants her look back.

Seriously you know I love you guys but it's time for a little push back on whoever is advising you on what to wear. 

Trust. That is all Michael has left the building.

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