Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Feeling

You Lookin' At Me?!
Josh Brolin
This image of Josh Brolin looking like he's ready to go a second round in Venice, CA  perfectly sums up how I am feeling on this Friday, February 9th, 2018.

Translation? Even if Josh isn't ready, I am more than ready for round two! Wanna take me on? 

Having recently dropped 25 lbs and counting it feels like I am on the verge of something bigger than myself at present and what that is will reveal itself to me organically and intuitively in time. 

Trust me the best things happen when you feel good about yourself - thus I urge all of you to get out and do things that make you feel that way. Number one on that list is exercise. I can't tell you what a difference it has made for me to keep a schedule that consists of four spin classes, one yoga class and boxing as part of  my weekly routine.

Boxing has been the thing that has propelled me as a person in all honesty. It makes me feel like I can take on anything and it, believe it or not, centers me. 

Now you get why Josh is the poster boy for my Friday Feeling. Find an image of someone and something to inspire you today and then make that inspiration happen.

There is no time like now! T.G.I.F!

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