Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Good Vibes

Go Johnny, Go!
John Stamos
"I'm pickin up good vibrations, Shes giving me excitations, I'm pickin up good vibrations (oom bop bop good vibrations)" - Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys

SHE may not be giving me excitations, but HE certainly is! Yep, I'm pickin' up Good Vibrations from this photo of John Stamos taking the stage on guitar with The Beach Boys in Florida.

Nothing like letting loose with the cool vibes of music to soothe your soul. It also does not hurt that Mr. Stamos has gotten hotter in his 50's than he has ever been.

The vibrations I feel when I see John are very good in many ways (wink)....

So come on let me hear you shout and let loose on those good vibes.

You know you want em'!

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