Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hump Day & VD

Feel The Love
Sandy Zacky & Mike Clifford
This week Hump Day is brought to you by the letters V & D, rather than "Chill,"
because "yes" beautiful people, Valentines Day falls in the middle of the week. 

What better way to celebrate than with Entertain Me's resident chanteuse Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky and her singing partner Mike Clifford? Featuring the title track from their joint CD Love is Everything...duh!

Today is the day we are are given a spoonful of love via every media outlet that can spurt word vomit to make it the focus of the day.

So why not me?! However I am prescribing love in general today. Not love to that one "special" person. If you have someone like that, spectacular! But if not, you can still spread love. It's about being a good person today & everyday.

Get to it and spread your VD love!

Happy Valentines Day Peeps!

Listen closely to Mike & Sandy croon LIE after the jump!

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