Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hump Day & Chill

Death Wish
Bruce Willis
With the release of the Death Wish remake, memories of Bruce Willis and his heyday on Moonlighting and as an A List movie star came back to me. "Yes" peeps I remember when Bruce was everywhere and most importantly taking off his clothes for the camera.

I found Willis quite sexy on Moonlighting and even sexier in Die Hard. So what's a nostalgic guy to do???

Surf on over to Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things where I of course found a collection of images with Bruce naked and going Full Willis for your viewing pleasure.

Being the giver that I am the link to these photos is just a click away, you know, after the jump and such.

Every Hump Day is a Holiday here on Entertain Me!

Feast your eyes on Bruce Willis naked here...

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