Sunday, March 25, 2018

I've Been Slimed!

Pretty in Slime
Heidi Klum
The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards aired last night. While I never watch them, because, duh, I am not their target audience. I have a fondness for their tradition of sliming celebrities who appear on the show. Is that goo still on the market BTW? I really loved it as a kid.

Well my lust for slime was fulfilled this ayem when I spotted an photo of one Ms. Heidi Klum getting doused with the gooey confection on stage during the show last night at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Personally I love Heidi, she is such a game girl and never takes herself too seriously. Also who doesn't love to see a beautiful woman get slimed??? 

On that note, I am feeling the need for slime myself. Now where to find it...

Heidi on Instagram: 

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