Monday, March 19, 2018

Just Because...Daisy Ridley

Tuxedo Junction
Daisy Ridley
Just Because it's Monday, Just Because she's Rey in the Star Wars movies & Just Because girl can really werk a tuxedo, I present this image of Daisy Ridley.

I actually have a confession to make. I have not seen Daisy as Rey in the latest crop of Star Wars movies, nor do I intend to. They hold zero interest for me. Fact: Even though I know who she is I actually had to look up the name of her character in the movies for this post. There you have that. This being out to the world now, I must say she does look pretty effing amazing rocking a tux at the Empire Awards.

Thus I felt this image was a perfect launch to Monday

Sunday Funday has passed the weekend is finished and women looking smashing in a tux is the the new black.

Tell me what it is again you don't like about Mondays? Yeah, I thought you might have a change of heart right here, right now.


Daisy on IMDB: 

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