Saturday, March 3, 2018


Never Fear ONA is Here!

Let the mania commence!
Sultry singing sensation ONA is set to kick off her ‘Undisclosed Location’ tour in support of her forthcoming debut album, ONAMANIA, launching March 13th in Austin, Texas at SXSW Music Festival.
The tour will spotlight the sizzling star in a very provocative stage show across the U.S., an innovative ‘virtual concert’ model that is just one part of ONA's overall revolutionary NSFW music monetization lifestyle. Her second tour date is scheduled for March 24 in Hawaii, with further dates to be added throughout 2018.
The singer’s debut album, co-produced by ONA and KB2, a production team based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, will be released on June 8 and continue to explore the various musical forms touched on in ONA’S 2016 EP Sex Rock - hard-driving rock, lush bedroom ballads, dirty grind funk, and epic orchestral pop.
ONA is quickly becoming a major media phenomenon, and she’ll be capitalizing on her momentum by spending the year traveling - a year-long road trip across America digitally broadcasting photos, videos and a live show to her 1.5 million+ fans via Snapchat, Instagram Live and her personal webcam.
On the night of each tour date ONA will perform songs from ONAMANIA via Instagram Live, and then she'll perform the rest of the album for ticket holders at a private (NSFW) webcam link - a night of chatting, dancing, stripping and a happy ending for ONA (and hopefully her fans).
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