Sunday, April 15, 2018

Her-Story Made

Destiny Has Arrived
Destiny's Child
A little bird called the WWW chirped in my ear and told me that one Beyonce' Knowles made her-story aka history performing at Coachella last night. "Yes" Virginia and all you other kids out there, Queen B was the first Black Woman to ever headline the desert music festival. Now aren't you happy?!

It was destiny, as in Destiny's Child. That's correct minions Beyonce' was joined on stage by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland and they said each other's names. 

Wow, what could possibly top that? Glad you asked. Solange took the stage along with Jay-Z and she beat the F#ck out of him again much to the crowd's delight.

OK, I am kidding about that, but they really did join their respective sister and wife to perform. 

You go Beyonce' !!!

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