Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hump Day & Chill

By The Sea
John Krasinski

Today I thought we would go a tad unconventional in the hunk department. With number one at the box office Movie Star, Director & Co-Writer of A Quiet Place John Krasinski.

Remember when John rose to fame on The Office? I only do by proxy since I never watched it, but I did hear of John

There's something about John, while he is good looking, he is not quite your run of the mill stud. He is like a thinking person's sex object. He has an intelligence that shines through and that is one of the keys to his sex appeal.

While I know Mr. Krasinski has gotten way buffed up since his early The Office days, I chose to use an image of him not shirtless. One I found sexy, as it gives off a pin-up sort of vibe.

I hope you enjoy this view of John as much as I do.

Time to Hump Day & Chill!

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