Sunday, April 29, 2018

Just Because...Nyle DiMarco

My What A Big Snake You Have!!!
Nyle DiMarco

Just Because he won America's Next Top Model & Dancing With The Stars, Just Because he has shattered barriers and stereotypes of what it means to be deaf and Just Because he has a really big snake...Ladies & Gentlemen it's Nyle DiMarco!

If there was ever a motivation to learn sign language, Nyle would be it for me. 

While Nyle slayed with his pose striking ways on ANTM, he blew us away on DWTS! He moved like a pro, even though he has never heard music once in his entire life. He has way more rhythm than me that's for sure.

So when I found this provocative image of Mr. DiMarco and a really big snake on the WWW I just had to post it. While Nyle is amazing at so many things, lest we forget, he is also a fine piece of Man Candy.

Lick him up peeps!

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