Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday Motivation

Would You Like A Slice?
Jon Hamm
While speaking with a friend of mine yesterday he mentioned seeing Jon Hamm in the current flick Beirut. He praised Hamm and the film. There's a tongue twister "Hamm and the film" say it three times fast c'mon, I dare ya.

Needless to say the conversation got me Jon Hamm dreamin' - "Yes" I started thinking about the sexy guy with the um, special delivery between his legs. 

Thus here he is in retro swim trunks during the shooting of Mad Men, one of my favorite TV Shows evuh. 

What's that? How is he Monday Motivation? Because Hamm's body is a hot regular guys body, not overly pumped but in good shape. Something that is attainable.

Having lost 40 lbs. recently having a body like his is my current goal, one I have almost reached.

So Happy Monday, time for me to have some private motivation with Jon!

Jon on IMDB: 

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