Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sparkle Kerry, Sparkle

Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Kerry Washington
Good Morning, it's Saturday, time to sparkle minions! Today's spirit animal is Kerry Washington seen here doing a live stage reading of the Scandal finale in Los Angeles.

"Yes" Scandal is now officially over, yet there is nothing that can keep the unsinkable Ms. Washington from sparkling.

What's that? Did I see the series finale? As a matter of fact I DVR'd it and got around to viewing the farewell show last night. What did I think? First off I am not giving any spoilers because I am sure there are those who have not seen it yet. My overall thought was it was quick, efficient and worked.

Series finales are a tricky thing, you will never please everyone. For me the main reason it played is the fact that the theme of the last two episodes was bringing people into the light and that is exactly what the final episode did.

Into the light today peeps and sparkle like the shining star you are...!

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