Sunday, April 8, 2018

Strike A Pose

Fly High
Sylvester Stallone
"Gonna fly now, Flying high now, Gonna fly, fly, fly" - The Theme From "Rocky"

Surfing the WWW one can without any doubt turn up some amazing and unexpected things. Such as this image of Sylvester Stallone posing with the statue of himself as his character Rocky Balboa from the iconic Best Picture Oscar Winner Rocky in Philadelphia.

"Yes" the film came out in 1976 minions. This being stated it still packs a punch (pun intended) - it's an underdog tale that inspires one to be their personal best.

Let this image be your inspiration. I know it's motivating me as I am waking up and headed to the gym for some boxing, arm work & spin. I am a brute and take no prisoners

Seize the day people! It's the only April 8, 2018 you are you are ever going to have so make it yours!

Rocky on IMDB:   

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