Monday, April 23, 2018

Take 5: Tom Connan

Tom Connan is an artist whose work embodies all aspects of the human condition. 

His latest song and video "Charlie" is inspired by the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris. 

For the uninitiated here is the 411 on it:

"Two gunmen armed with automatic rifles stormed the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a target for Islamist terrorists since it printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2006 and 2011, and killed cartoonists and satirists whose names were called out as they were shot dead in turn."
It goes without saying that I had to hit Tom up to "Take 5" for all of you, as in five questions addressing his latest project. You've got this Tom...

MS: Why do you have an affinity with Charlie Hebdo?

TC: I don’t have any direct affinity with Charlie Hebdo, however when the terrorist attack against them happened in 2015, the world was deeply shocked. I was, too. On 9/11, I was a child so I wasn’t able to really understand what it meant. In 2015, I couldn’t believe haters had killed innocent journalists and caricaturists. I was still sleeping when my mum woke me up and yelled at me: ”they killed Charlie Hebdo!”. It is a symbol, as this is the first attack of many that happened since: Orlando, Barcelona, Manchester, Paris… Basically I had written the track “Charlie” a few days after the attack but I didn’t want to release it. But recently, I thought I had to. 
 Charlie (sick mix)

MS: Give me your take on the current state of democracy

TC: I have the impression some people under-estimate the crisis of democracy. Anti-Semitism is terribly strong, as well as homophobia and sexism. Sometimes I feel my mum grew up in a more peaceful time. I may be wrong. But I’m not that sure.

MS: You use skin in the video. You once told me how you love nudity, extrapolate 

TC: For a long time I hated my body. Really. I was almost hiding myself with large clothes, as if I wanted to disappear. I feel better now, and when you feel better about who you are, you want to show it. Completely. It’s my own therapy.

MS: When you give a Rebel Yell, do you want more, more, more?

TC: I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but as far as “Charlie” is a rebel yell, yes, I believe it can reach the unconscious mind, which is my hidden goal. You can do much more with the unconscious than you can with the conscious. Don’t you think? 

MS: Name your favorite song, other than yours at this moment

TC:  was re-watching the old movie “Stepmom” starring Julia Roberts, and I heard that fabulous track “Ain’t no mountain high enough” from Marvin Gaye. Do you know any better song with the same kind of joy and energy? I don’t. It is brilliant. This is music. Other than that, I’m still listening to Jaden Smith’s Idol. Fucking good rap track.

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