Monday, May 7, 2018

Fabulous @ 50 - Traci Lords!

Happy Birthday Traci!
Traci Lords
That's correct peeps the one and only Traci Lords turns the big five-oh today. Can you believe it?! So what's an Icon to do for her 50th? Why give her fans what they want most. New music and more Traci! 
I got Traci to slow down long enough to chat with me about her latest tune "Come Alive" and what it feels like for a grrrrrrl turning 50. After all that's what friends are for! It's time to lick it up!  
MS: Happy 50th, welcome to the tribe, how does it feel to be Fabulous & Fifty?
 TL: It’s about damn time!  I am so proud of everything I’ve accomplished and the life I live today. I can straight up tell you that I am happy, healthy and ready to finally take my place at the #elderbitches table! Bring it. 
MS: I wanted to tell you my sister's Birthday is the day after yours and she will be turning 50 as well.
TL: How funny!  Tell that Taurus woman that I wish her a very Happy Birthday!!!!
 MS: Any big plans to celebrate the beginning of another decade of living?
TL: I’m celebrating my 50th over the next year!  I’m going to do 5 things I’ve never done before. All of which must somehow terrify me! I’ll be traveling a lot, recording more music and really savoring time with  my husband and my little  boy! He’s growing up so fast and I love that I haven’t missed ANY of it. And yes, I will eat the cake. 

 MS: It's your party, what made you decide to gift your fans with the new single "Come Alive?"
TL: I really appreciate and love my fans.... without them there is no audience.  They have given me so much of their attention over the years and they have been relentless in their pleas for new music. But it’s been difficult for me to wrap my brain around. Thing is I  love to write and record  but I’m not in a band and I don’t consider myself an amazing singer. I’m more of a vocal stylist. Having said that, I’m excited to be collaborating with different people this year. I’m in an exploring stage.

 MS: Tell me what inspired the song. 
TL: "Come Alive" is about surrendering to what you ache for. When I write, I try to paint a picture. This story is really about the 17 year old Traci who created an ultra ego to dominate men and make her world okay. It’s about being out of control ( Control has always been my obsession! I am a Taurus!!!!). but somehow finding power while flailing.  It’s  about the stories we tell ourselves to deal with the shit life hands us. You know surviving.
"Come Alive" 
MS: Well I really like it. Are you planning a video for it? (Can I be in it?)  
 TLThank you so much Michael. The lyric video for "Come Alive" will be up on YouTube Today, my Birthday. 💋 The rest I’m not sure about yet! 

MS: What's the latest 411 on your Pin-Up Girl clothing line. 
TL: My Line at Pinup Girl is doing fantastic! I’ve had such an amazing time working with Laura Byrnes and my team. There’s so much creatively that’s going on in fashion right now. And I have several new pieces due out for summer that are truly classic vintage must have staples. Also, season 2 of our hilarious comedy series Swedish Dicks is landing on Pop TV this July 26. My character Jane McKinney is dressed head to toe in original Pinup Girl designs. We will be releasing the Jane collection as the show airs! 
MS: Tell me one thing that you want for your Birthday that money can't buy.
TL: Tomorrow
 MS: Who are you listening to at present (pun intended) 

TL: These days, no pun intended, I am listening to myself.That's the great part of being an elder bitch. (laughs) Musically though, for real  I am listening to Avicii remixes. I'm blown away that he is no longer on the planet, he was gone so young. I'm feeling a little nostalgic at the moment. I've been listening to the Pet Shop Boys, with a little Pat Benatar and some Blondie thrown in. "Yes" I'm in an eighties state of mind.

Elder Bitches in the Driver's Seat
Me & Traci
MS: Invite some famous people to celebrate Fabulous Fifty with you living or not, who would they be?
TL: Cleopatra, Brian Wilson, and Sid Vicious

MS: Any exciting acting gigs coming up?

TL: Season 2 of Swedish Dicks airs July 26 on Pop TV and my new indie film Steam Room Stories will start playing the festivals this Fall. 💋

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