Friday, May 4, 2018

Just Because...Michelle Obama

Still Making a Difference
Michelle Obama
Just Because we need some grace, dignity & class right here, right now. Just Because I miss her and Just Because she is still out there making a positive impact on people's lives -"Yes" it's a Michelle Obama kind of day!

Here she is encouraging higher education to the youth of our country by making an appearance at the 5th annual College Signing Day.

Although I loved the image of President Obama making Melania Trump smile, since she needed one. I love this even more.

Honestly, Michelle was one of our greatest First Ladies ever. I would never say greatest about anyone, I don't play favorites. There are other First Ladies who have done wonderful things as well.

She is also proving it by continuing the legacy she started and not remaining quiet, when she could have easily done that.

Empowerment to the people!

Michelle on Twitter:   

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