Thursday, May 31, 2018

Michael's Musings

Michael Shinafelt
My Code Name is: Agent Provocateur - that's why I am proudly sporting my "fag." T-Shirt. With hate speech so prominent this past week due to the Tweeting of one Roseanne, destroying her career and show revival with a few keystrokes. Well you know I couldn't #resist.

FYI - for those of you who can't wrap your collective brains around it I am far from PC, thus my choice of apparel this week. That being stated I do not condone hate speech. "Yes" Virginia they are two different entities. Time to move on, whatever transpires past this, Ambien is to blame...

If you can't blame Ambien, blame Canada

Saggitarians on Adderal, discuss

When in doubt, shout it out!

Dear Roseanne, your racism is more on point than your rendition of The Star Spangled Banner

Tonight's the night, really, it is

Have I offended you yet? Yeah, I can't compete with Donald Trump.

Who put the "bone" in Bonaparte?

There was an old lady who  swallowed a fly...

We have now entered The Twilight Zone (refer to the above headline)

Once upon a time there was something called common sense and intelligence, then the WWW let people without brain cells have a voice

The Real Housewives of New York, is, and will always be my favorite of the "Housewives" franchise

Whistle if your horny, or do something more provocative, the choice is yours

Clarifying a previous musing, I am a Saggitarian, and I am not on Adderal, it was about a friend

Your Mama don't dance, and your Daddy don't Rock-N-Roll - that's not true, I am referred to as "Daddy" sometimes and I DO Rock-N-Roll

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