Friday, June 1, 2018

Film Buff Friday: The Addiction

Being a fan of vampires & Abel Ferrara's work - I remember going to see "The Addiction" at The Nuart in West Los Angeles, CA - I even owned it on video for a spell. Lili Taylor is amazing! The Black and White photography superb. It is one of the most fascinating, horrifying, not to mention challenging additions to the genre. "Yes" that is a recommendation.

The Addiction [Blu-ray] (6/26)

Abel Ferrara and his 1995 take on the bloodsuckers with The Addiction. Philosophy grad student Kathleen (Lili Taylor) is bitten by a vampire and must learn to come to terms with her new lifestyle with now features a frequent craving for human blood. Shot in stunning black and white and on the streets of New York, The Addiction is a raw and shocking vampire film that only Abel Ferrara could make.

You Suck!
Lili Taylor   

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