Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hump Day & Chill

You're Never Fully Dressed...
Robbie Williams

With his recent onstage appearance with Taylor Swift during the London leg of her Reputation Tour. My mind has been preoccupied with the hotness known as Robbie Williams

Robbie who used to be with some boy band I only ever heard of because him named Take That first caught my eye with his single Rock DJ in 2000. I mean really caught my eye...the video featured Williams surrounded by roller skating disco dolly's, stripping naked and then stripping away his flesh for them.

Get the pic? The video is provocative and it works on that and a titillation level too as one wonders if Robbie was really naked in front of all those women on set. Well since the video was done in 2000 most of you know the answer to THAT question. But for the uninitiated the answer is "yes." 

How do we know that? Why visual confirmation in the form of stills from the shoot that show Robbie and his Williams hanging loose for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Click on the link below from the OMG Blog and get ready to have a Hump Day & Chill like no other. Seriously I'm not sure what it is but Robbie really does it for me, in fact I need to hit the link and "chill" right here, right now...ciao!!!

Click on the link below to the OMG Blog to see Robbie in all his glory -

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