Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday Motivation

Now This Is Motivation!
Gerard Butler
It's another Manic Monday and another opportunity to find fresh motivation to kick off the week. Today is Monday Motivation at it's finest in the form of one Gerard Butler. Funny I had a boyfriend told me Gerard was his ultimate type and that I was his "Gerard Butler" thus I guess this post is somewhat narcissistic by proxy. 

Whatever. Today I need the power of Butler to get my tired booty into high gear and the great thing about this photo of Gerard shirtless (well there are many, but I will focus on the general one) is you can project pretty much anything onto it for a call to Monday action.

So here is what I am using: "Gerard is up and at em' - having done his morning yoga, he is now ready for his coffee and the Monday ahead of him. He's got his motivation on!!!"

Works for me, now I am ready to take on Manic Monday - time for me to motor peeps, and you should too.

I hope myself & Gerard were a helpful way to kick off the last Monday of June...Michael is leaving the laptop!

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