Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ariel Beesley @ The Satellite

Her Name In Lights!
Ariel Beesley
This past Friday, "yes" two days ago. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing a young woman who I have known since she was, well just a kid, grow-up and blossom into one of the best singer/songwriter/musician/performers this dude has ever bared witness to.

Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you my evening seeing the singular talent known as Ariel Beesley @ The Satellite in Silverlake, CA!

OK, some of this may not be from that evening. I do want you to hear her bomb ass song Slower Than Usual, thus I have included the video for it via YouTube. But and however for the most part...moving on here it is!!!

It's Always Showtime @ The Edge Of The Stage
Ariel Beesley

Slower Than Usual

Myself & Proud Mom Nina Savelle-Rocklin

A Star Is Born
Ariel Beesley

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