Saturday, July 28, 2018


Super Saturday
Henry Cavill
It's the weekend and aren't you happy? Well nothing says good times like a tall glass of champagne and Henry Cavill aka Superman - so I guess that makes this a Super Saturday, no?

Henry is taking 5 from promoting Mission: Impossible - Fallout and what better way to go than an refreshing adult beverage?

At present I am at my computer having a sliced grapefruit and green tea. It's 5:41 am and too early for close encounters of the alcohol kind. But later, ya know, Saturday Night when I hit the screening of Mulholland Drive on the roof top of The Montalban Theater in Hollywood,'s time for some of their legendary Sangria with some Silencio to top it off for good measure.

Time to start getting up and at em' - Saturday is also my favorite Spin Class -


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