Monday, July 30, 2018

Greece Is The Word

I Think We're Alone Now...Not!
Tiffany Trump & Lindsay Lohan
Partying can make for strange bed fellows - like did you totally know that Lindsay Lohan is tight with First Daughter Tiffany Trump

Well fasten your seat belts kids, it's true! The two were seen hitting the town in Mykonos, ya know, in Greece. Where did they go?  Why the hottest club around Lohan Beach House, naturally. 

Lindsay shared a photo of the twosome on Instagram and deleted it mere hours after it was posted. Hmmmmmm... security reasons? Or???

Whatever it's too late, the pic landed on the WWW and will remain there forever. So it shall be and so it is, indeed.

Now where did I put that lemon?

Lohan on IG -  

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