Monday, July 16, 2018

Just Because...James Van Der Beek

If I Was You, I'd Wanna Be Me Too
James Van Der Beek

Just Because It's Monday and I need motivation, Just Because there is nothing like waking up to a broken couch and Just Because damn he's fine, it's James Van Der Beek!

You know the eternally sensitive Dawson from the creek? While I never watched the shown (I suppose I broke some sort of a commandment by not doing so) - I am truly captivated by how manly and hot grown up James is in comparison to the younger version of himself.

See James all smiles leaving a taping of Live With Kelly and Ryan in NYC. Swoon at his masculine jawline with a touch of scruff. Dream that your body will one day look as good as his at 41 and beyond.

Yep, that Van Der Beek really did reinvent himself, his latest project Pose on FX really caught the media and public by surprise. 

Now about that cup of coffee I so desperately need right here right now...

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