Saturday, July 7, 2018

Just Because...Margot Robbie

Ballroom Blitz?
Margot Robbie
Just Because I actually slept in today, Just Because she looks amazing in a little black dress & Just Because I loved her in I, Tonya - it's a Margot Robbie kind of day!

That's correct minions you gotta love that Margot. Why? Just Because I decreed it.

While I never saw her in Suicide Squad, I'd rather attempt the first part of that movie title than watch it. I fell head over heels for Ms. Robbie when I saw her in the film I, Tonya. So much so that I felt she deserved to win the Oscar for it.

Sorry, not sorry Frances McDormand,  I love you too, but let's face it chica, you had won before and were an easy get for the waxworks who vote on the Academy.

How do I adore Margot let me count the ways...

I follow her on Instagram, I pay attention to her upcoming projects and I post amazing photos of her right her, right now when I have a chance.

Now it's time to say goodbye, etcetra and vice versa.

Have a Margot Robbie Day!

Margot on Instagram:  

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