Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday Motivation

Anderson Cooper
This weeks Monday Motivation is brought to you by Anderson Cooper. "Yes" him sitting peacefully poolside is a reminder to us all to take the time for some self care.

What's do I mean by "self care" you say? Tending to ones mental and spiritual well being is as much a part of feeling good as is a hot and sweaty Spin Class or doing a few rounds of boxing on a punching bag. 

One also needs to appreciate the little things in life. The quiet times, to recharge and regroup.

Personally this is something I need to do more of than when I hit the mat in yoga once a week. One of my personal fave things to do is to take a walk and enjoy the moments of the things that I see along the way, whatever those may be.

Also starting the day of with a positive affirmation helps to set the tone for it. You'd be amazed how standing in a Superman pose to kick off your day really affects you.

So bend it like Anderson & Myself today and make your Monday magic!

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