Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mulholland Drive

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending a screening of Mulholland Drive up on the roof top of The Montalban Theater in the heart of Hollywood. Thanks to Lynn Tejada from Green Galactic.

This is my second go at the movie space this summer the first was Sunset Blvd. How's that for irony two movies about Hollywood that are very much alike and I go see them both in the heart of the city they are about.

I love The Montalban! It's a perfect setting to view a movie during these wonderful summer nights. 

Here are some pix I got of my evening under the stars...
Moi & Rena Riffel
She Plays "Laney" In The Film.
She Also Introduced It Last Night

Haven't Seen This Guy In 10 Years, Turns Out He Is Friends With Rena.
Look It's Singer Warren Malone!

Rooftop Selfie
Michael Shinafelt

The Montalban on the WWW -

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