Saturday, July 14, 2018

Silly Saturday

Mahna, Mahna
Kylie Minogue & Some Friends
Today I am feeling light and breezy, "No" definitely not easy and breezy...

Thus this image of Pop Superstar Kylie Minogue with The Muppets is exactly what one needs to take in on a Silly Saturday. I feel silly, oh so silly I feel silly and witty and bright. And I pity anyone who isn't me today!

Kylie took some time out to be a special guest on The Muppets Take The 02 in London, England recently and it looks like she had a blast. Thus in return I have put you all on blast that she is now Queen of the Muppets - Ha! Kidding, or am I.

Don't you love a good secret? Of course you do. Especially when it's Kylie Minogue's .

The tone has been set for the day, enjoy it!

Mic Drop!

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