Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Slower Than Usual

"Smoke Your Cigarette Slower Than Usual"
Ariel Beesley
Michael Shinafelt
"I fell in love with you last night, Wish I could take you home tonight
Oh, you dance so, so sweetly" - Ariel Beesley "Slower Than Usual"

Yesterday an amazing talent who I personally know, Ariel Beesley released a video for her hot, hot, hot single "Slower Than Usual" on Buzzbands.la -

I am so proud of this young woman who I once watched the movie Shrek (yeah, the first one) with at the age of...why don't you take today, Slower Than Usual?

Check out the bomb ass video after the jump!

Here is the 411 via Buzzbands.la
In 2016, San Fernando Valley-born singer/model Ariel Beesley was at a songwriting camp hosted by Aviici in Stockholm, Sweden. She met someone special but, as the story often goes, it wasn’t the right time to start something. What she did have was a moment. One night they were outside smoking and as she watched the cigarette burn, she wished she could make that moment last forever. And so the catchy pre-chorus to her debut single came to her, “smoke your cigarette slower than usual.” Beesley co-wrote the song with fellow camp-attendees Linnea Sodahl and Andreas Roos, and had it produced by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers).
The video was co-directed with her dad, director Matt Earl Beesley, and they tried to recreate the flavor of MTV videos she loved growing up. “When I write a song, I think about what the scene would be, the world in which the song would live,” explains Beesley. “I have always loved everything about the ’80s, especially the music videos. ‘Why is Debbie Harry performing in a room with no audience while the band jams behind her on telephone chords?’ I asked myself. Or ‘Why is Flock of Seagulls playing in a room of mirrors while two twins walk around?’ I loved it. For the ‘Slower Than Usual’ music video, I wanted to draw from those influences but make them modern.”

With an Ariel, we want more, more, more at -

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