Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Schwing!

Happy 60th Birthday!
Kevin Bacon
While browsing IMDB this ayem I spied something that caught me totally off guard. "Yes" it was their list of Birthdays today - why would that catch me off guard? Glad you inquired, because one of the celebrities born today was Kevin Bacon and he turns, wait for it...60!

Kevin was quite the ubiquitous presence in film during the 80's and 90's. His off beat looks and hot body gave him a sex appeal all his own. Also there was the matter of his, well um, Bacon. There I said it! 

While he has a great ass that he he bared many a time on the silver screen it was quite clear, especially when he wore a barely there Speedo in the original Friday The 13th that he was packing large. "Yeppers" I and many others wanted to bring home the Bacon!

Finally we got an eyeful of it in 1998's Wild Things, where Kevin exposes his package to Matt Dillon while toweling off after a shower. Lucky Matt and happy audience.

Thus to celebrate Kevin turning the big six - oh I am gifting all of you with him in his Birthday Suit in various roles via Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

So what are you waiting for?! Click on the link below and let your Sunday Schwing commence! 


Get yourself some Bacon here -

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