Monday, August 13, 2018

Day Of Indulgence

Today's Secret Word is "Indulgence"
Shay Mitchell
I hereby decree today a Day of Indulgence. Why? Why not? As you all know I am a big Pretty Little Liars fan. F#ck you, "Yes" I know it's off the air, that does not mean one stops the love. Thus I present you with Shay Mitchell, today, Monday August 13, 2018 @ Jennifer Klein's Day of Indulgence Party in Santa Monica, CA.

While I have not one thought as to who Jennifer Klein is, alright I shall Google it, right here, right now. OK, she's a Producer - she believes we should indulge, oh and so do I.

Let's get with Shay and go for it, and I do mean it! You know that mystic it, the one we all seek. 

Because indulgence is the new black. 

There you go, I said it. Now let's get this Monday started! 

Indulgence everyone, indulgence and then some.

Shay on the IG -

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