Friday, August 3, 2018

Freaky Friday

Next Time Use More Red
Lady Gaga & Ryan Seacrest
"When I wake up in my makeup, It's too early for that dress. Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood. I'm glad I came here With your pound of flesh" - "Celebrity Skin" Hole

It's that time again. Time to let your hair down and put on some make-up and a turban - "Yes" minions it's Freaky Friday

Remember that time Lady Gaga & Ryan Seacrest donned fifty shades of WTF make-up? No, neither do I, but it happened. I have brought you proof.

Wonder if they woke up this way after hitting the town in Hollywood? The actual explanation is probably far more freaky than we could ever venture to guess...

This being stated, Gaga must have some major mojo going on to get Seacrest to join her in something this off the cuff. He is so white bread bland for the most part. This is the edgiest thing I have ever seen from him. 

Given the right partner in crime I'm sure ever the stiffest of individuals will let their freak flag fly from time to time.

That Gaga is such an instigator, there should be a law against her! Not!

It's time to wave your hands in the air like you don't care  Happy Freaky Friday!

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