Friday, August 24, 2018

Freaky Friday

I'd Like To Be You For A Day...
Sarah Jessica Parker

T.G.I.F! Friday is here and it's time for a a dose of Sex and the City realness, or maybe it's simply something out of the ordinary, ya know...freaky!

Honestly I don't know how she pulled this mismatch outfit off, butt it werks. Behold Sarah Jessica Parker in an ensemble that really has no right to even look good on the most fashion challenged person and yet, it really does.

Stripes, floral, yellow & pink - Oh my! On the streets of NYC no less, or more, or less. Whatever. Sex and the City indeed!!!

SJP has always been a fashion forward sort of lass, and she has always done it with class, without a big _____ fill in your blank people, I bequeath it to you.

Thus we head into the weekend with a dose of sex, the city and SJP Freaky Friday fashion (say that three times fast) Life is De Groovy!


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